Sibling Position

Sibling Position

My younger brother told me recently that one of his most enduring childhood memories is chasing after me on his tricycle while I and my friends shot away from him on our bikes.

Columbia Seminary Faculty Contribute to “American Values, Religious Voices”

January 27, 2017—Three faculty from Columbia Theological Seminary will participate in a new initiative called “American Values, Religious Voices.” The project has been described as: a national nonpartisan campaign that brings together 100 scholars from a diverse range of religious traditions…

American Values, Religious Voices

Why We Should Pay Attention to Brain Research

January 26, 2017—Why should the church pay attention to brain research? With everything else happening in and around us, why should we attempt to understand and apply scientific research about the brain? What difference would it, could it make? Consider these scenarios:

Why We Should Pay Attention to Brain Research

Multigenerational Transmission

I offer three reasons why I believe the multi-generational transmission process (coupled with the notion of the emotional field) is the most important piece of Bowen Theory.

Columbia “Science for Seminaries” Lecture to Feature NASA Scientist Mentioned in “Hidden Figures”

January 20, 2017—Decatur, GA—Columbia Theological Seminary has invited Dr. Christine Mann Darden to be the next lecturer for its “Science for Seminaries” program. She retired as a member of The Senior Executive Service in March 2007 from NASA Langley Research…

“Science for Seminaries”NASA Scientist Mentioned in “Hidden Figures"

Going to Church v. Being Church

January 19, 2017—I caught myself the other day. When the snow started falling across the east coast, I told my daughters we were not “going to church” that Sunday.

My language suggested church is a building, an event.

If you…

going to church vs being church

For the Bookshelf: How To Speak and How To Listen

January 16, 2017—In How to Speak and How to Listen (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1983) American philosopher Mortimer Adler breaks down several keys to public speaking and to intentional listening in three sections framed by a prologue and…

For the bookshelf seeds for the future by Adam Tyler

LIM Faculty Member Elaine Boomer Reflects on 20 Years Workshop Experience

In my opinion, the Leadership in Ministry program offers one of the most effective venues for actualizing personal and professional growth.

1000 Under 25

January 5, 2017—You’ve seen the lists:

Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list was published yesterday highlighting “today’s leading young change-makers and innovators in the U.S.” Many of them have experienced enormous financial success before their fourth decade on this earth.  Good…

1000 under 25 are becoming the hands and feet of Jesus

Leadership in Ministry is My Gift to Myself

January 2, 2017—I stood at a whiteboard in the circle of faces in my small group at the most recent workshop. “I’m really anxious about this, guys,” I said, as I drew a triangle between me, my 85-year old widowed…