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Christian Poetry and the Christian Journey

Lifelong Learning welcomes Victor Kramer, renowned Merton scholar and professor emeritus at Georgia State University. Kramer will be leading the September 19-22 spirituality course,Christian Poetry and the Christian Journey: Illumination and Mysticism in Blake, Hopkins, Merton, Levertov, and Oliver.

Kramer and the class participants will engage poems as a way to comprehend the universal path of spiritual encounter. “As Christians,” says Kramer, “these poets chart the mystery of the Triune God as encountered through our human senses.” He continues, “Not by rational argument, but through the wonder of "creative intuition" these poets, in the Western tradition, alert readers to the presence of God's grace. Reading and re-reading them, as in Lectio Divina, can be akin to prayer.”

The class will use Blake and Hopkins to set the stage for prayerful reading. Concentration on selected Merton and Oliver poems, along with hints about their personal journeys, will allow use of poetry to relate to basic questions of journey, understanding, making connections, praying, and becoming contemplative. The class will affirm mystical insight. Still other poets such as Whitman, Dickinson, and Levertov will be used to demonstrate the type(s) of reading which participants can later pursue in their personal spiritual journeys.

This class is now open for registration. Click HERE for details and registration.

Credit will be given toward the Certificate in Spiritual Formation for those who complete the pre and post course assignments.