A Prayer for Houston

A Prayer for Houston

By President Leanne Van Dyk.

Everlasting God, in this time of the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, we offer our prayers for all of the people of Houston and those in the pathway of the storm.

We are mindful of the…

Reflections Following Election 2016

Columbia Responds to Charlottesville and Racism

It started with a statement on racism from President Leanne Van Dyk:

“In the summer of 1964, three Freedom Riders were killed by the KKK in Mississippi. Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, and James Chaney are martyrs for the cause of…

Love the Stranger at our Gates 

By Dr. Leanne Van Dyk, President 

Some Bible texts are difficult to understand and baffling to interpret. When Jesus spoke to his disciples in parables, they often scratched their heads in puzzlement. But the dozens of Bible texts about strangers…

Love the Stranger

Does Future Presbyterian Witness Require Younger and More Colorful Churches?

By Betsy Lyles and William Yoo.

Presbyterians in the United States have always sought to be a faithful Church and a diverse Church. Looking back at our history, we clearly see positive developments and grave mistakes in our desire to…

William Yoo and Betsy Lyles

Weaving Adinkra Symbols into Christian Tapestry

By Griselda Lartey, Serials and Interlibrary Loan Assistant, John Bulow Campbell Library.

February 14, 2017—Adinkra is a collection of African traditional symbols used by the Akan peoples of Ghana and the Cote d’Ivoire of West Africa. These symbols which are regarded…

Adinkra African traditional symbols

Human Rights in Ordinary Churches

By Michael K. Thompson, Director of Communications

My childhood was unusual in ways that I didn’t fully appreciate at the time. Recent events have stirred up all kinds of memories and emotions that I suspect not everyone understands. I grew up…

Human Rights

Reflections Following Election 2016

By Leanne Van Dyk, President

Upwards of 60 psalms of the total number of 150 are lament psalms. These psalms give voice to my own deep sadness this morning. The presidential election culminating with last night’s results threw many here…

Reflections Following Election 2016

Charge to the Graduates of 2016

Charge to the Graduates, May 14, 2016 By Leanne Van Dyk, President

It is the long tradition of Columbia Theological Seminary for the president to send out the class of graduates with a series of charges from the words of…

Same Old Tune, Same New Song

December 17, 2015—The word “liturgy” means “the work of the people.” One of the most important works that we do in our worship is join together in song to give glory to God. However, many congregations struggle with finding their…

Columbia Joins “Appeal” for Change in Tone of U.S. Politics

December 12, 2015—In response to the dangerous political rhetoric circulating from various campaigns, the media, and other sources, Dr. T. Erskine Clarke, professor emeritus at Columbia Theological Seminary as well as editor and publisher at the “Journal for Preachers” issued…

Breaking Boundaries

The spirit of the Lord shall rest on him,     the spirit of wisdom and understanding,     the spirit of counsel and might,     the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord. Isaiah 11:2 (NRSV)

November 18, 2015—Through August and September, I was able…

Finding My Theological Voice

By Alexia Ford, MDiv/MAPT ’18.

June 17, 2015—After practicing Social Work for over 14 years, I never expected that I would have to change the way I think and process and write. And I had always excelled academically in Social…

Get Out! (Part 2)

By Bill Harkins, Senior Lecturer of Pastoral Theology and Care.

May 15, 2015In my first post, I talked about the growing cohort of class alumni out in the world has been remarkably faithful in staying in touch with me and some…

Get Out! (Part 1)

By Bill Harkins, Senior Lecturer of Pastoral Theology and Care.

May 13, 2015—For almost 17 years, I have hosted a course at Columbia Theological Seminary called “Men in Ministry.” We’ve gathered weekly to discuss readings, share reflection papers and a meal,…

Teach-in on Capital Punishment and the Church

May 1, 2015—In the wake of the scheduled lethal injection execution of Kelly Renee Gissendaner, the only woman on death row in the state of Georgia, a loud cry emerged from the faith community. Many of these efforts grew out…