Columbia Named Among 2015 “Seminaries that Change the World”

Columbia Named Among 2015 “Seminaries that Change the World”

The Center for Faith and Service today announced the 2015 list of Seminaries that Change the World.  This year, Columbia Theological Seminary was one of twenty-six institutions named. The group of institutions is theologically, politically and geographically diverse, yet shares a common commitment to work together to strengthen and advance theological insight and leadership in a way that connects faith and service.

The selected seminaries and divinity schools demonstrate great innovation in theological education, in integration with classical approaches for learning, even as they navigate negative stereotypes about organized religion and work to expand narrow definitions of traditional ministry.  Seminaries that Change the World is part of a movement to reclaim the important historical role that theological education has played in promoting community and justice while training and launching local and world leaders in all areas of society.

“The very title, Seminaries that Change the World, is a provocative reminder of what theological education has meant in the past and what its purpose and promise is for the future,” said Rev. Wayne Meisel, Director of the Center for Faith and Service. “The 2015 class of schools has demonstrated a commitment to invite, welcome, support, train and launch individuals into the world as community leaders.”

“The majority of twenty-somethings today want to change the world, and theological education often isn’t considered relevant to world-changing work,” said Betsy Lyles, Interim Director of Admissions at Columbia Theological Seminary. “Columbia is offering a place for leaders who want to be shaped by a particular faith tradition and use theological education as a platform in the broader world for whatever they may do and wherever they may go. I’m hopeful that the continued efforts of Columbia and our colleagues on this list will embody why theological education should be one of the first thoughts for anyone who wants to change the world.”

The 2015 class of Seminaries that Change the World includes:

Seminaries that Change the World is by no means an exhaustive or exclusive list. It represents a collection of institutions which demonstrated a commitment to engage in the world and to welcome idealistic and committed individuals seeking to gain experience in justice work. For more information about Seminaries That Change the World, visit the website at

Columbia Theological Seminary is committed to “educating imaginative, resilient leaders for God’s changing world.” As an educational institution of the Presbyterian Church (USA), Columbia is a community of theological inquiry and formation for ministry in the service of the Church of Jesus Christ. Columbia offers seven graduate degree programs and dozens of courses and events as a resource for church professionals and lay people through the Center for Lifelong Learning. For more information, please visit

Media Contacts:
Wayne Meisel
Center For Faith and Service
McCormick Theological Seminary
(609) 651-5095

Betsy Lyles
Columbia Theological Seminary
Interim Director of Admissions
(404) 687-4516

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    My name is Wondimu Girma Bekele. I have completed all my application to Colombia Theological Seminary from Ethiopia. Rev.Matt Rich knows the detail. I believe that you will help me in all the recruitment processes.


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