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Computer Access

Computer clusters are available in two places, the reference area on 2W and the computer lab on 3W.  For additional information, see our Computer Use policy.

All networked computers in the Library have access to the on-line catalog, several on-line indexes, and the Internet. Library resources are also available from the computers in the Harrington Center computer lab which is open for students 24 hours a day.

Two "stand-alone" computers in the reference area have BibleWorks. These two PCs are not networked and cannot be used for online searching or for email. Word processing is only available in the computer labs.

The reference area computers are networked to a printer located behind the circulation desk. The lab computers are networked to a printer in the lab.

Bibliographic citations from any database may be printed free. The cost for printing all other documents is 5 cents per page.

The Library is not responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the computer labs. Please contact or 404-687-4561 for assistance.