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Course Description

P637 Psychopathology and the Parish Pastor/Pastoral Assessment

This course will provide students training in recognizing signs of mental illness, addiction, and serious emotional distress, with a view toward making good pastoral assessments and referring to appropriate community resources (including pastoral counseling and psychotherapy, and psychiatry. Students will develop a theological framework for understanding their own pastoral role in caring for persons with severe emotional difficulties, and the pastoral role of the Christian community. We will also examine how emotional health and pathology affect congregational dynamics, and learn how to be a more effective "non-anxious presence" amid conflicts that arise in relation to parishioners struggling with emotional difficulties; and concepts of wellness, spiritual health, and keeping good boundaries, with attention to self-care as well as care of others and of the community as an essential aspect of ministering to persons with emotional difficulties. PREREQUISITES: None required. P232 Introduction to Pastoral Care (or equivalent) and/or CPE recommended.

Credits: 3.0

Units: 1.0


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