P714 Critical Race Theory & Pastoral Practice

This course explores critical race theory and its applications for pastoral ministry in the context of widening racial and economic inequalities despite the increasingly diversifying population of the United States. During the past ten years, a growing number of scholars in fields such as women�s studies, sociology, education, gender studies, history, criminology, and postcolonial studies have begun to look to the insights developed by critical race theorists. Undoubtedly critical race theory has spawned and/or influenced new areas of inquiry such as Latino/a critical studies, critical race feminism, and critical white studies. It is the intersectionality of critical race theory across the disciplines that offer room for counter narratives�womanist, mujerista, and yinist�in accommodating diverse needs of the population. Consequently its application to ministry is rich in that it pushes the boundaries of likeness toward integrating otherness in both cultural and textual hermeneutics.

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