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Faculty Publications and Events  

Brennan Breed, Assistant Professor of Old Testament, led a morning session on January 21 of the Lectionary Studies seminar for the Center for Lifelong Learning, in which they reflected on 1-2 Samuel, the OT lectionary texts for this coming summer. On January 28, he led a day-long staff retreat for the Williamsburg Community Chapel focusing on the Psalms. Brennan taught a class on Prophetic Literature at Trinity Presbyterian Church on February 8. His reflection on 2 Samuel 7 titled "The Self-Righteous System and the Prophetic Task" appeared in On Scripture and was featured on the Huffington Post on December 16, and his essay "Are There Really Three Worlds of the Text? A Proposal for Biblical Studies,” appeared in January. Brennan’s “Author Response” for @thispoint will appear in February. In May, his essay titled “What Can a Text Do?: Reception History as an Ethology of the Biblical Text" will be published in the collected volume Reception History and Biblical Studies: Theory and Practice (ed. E. England and W. J. Lyons; London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark, 2015). 

William Brown, William Marcellus McPheeters Professor of Old Testament, presented two papers at the Society of Biblical Literature meeting in San Diego on November 24: “The Cosmic Temple” with Stanley Saunders and “Reading Psalms Sapientially.”  He led an adult Sunday School class at Trinity Presbyterian Church on the “Spirituality of the Old Testament” on January 11.  Bill continues to serve as Board member of Ring Lake Ranch, whose meeting was in Denver on January 22-26.  He is hosting a “site visit” on February 6-7 for representatives of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to review and plan the grant-funded “Science for Seminarians” program at Columbia Seminary.

Anna Carter Florence, Peter Marshall Associate Professor of Preaching, preached and lectured at the Festival of Homiletics in Minneapolis in May.

Pamela Cooper-White, Ben G. and Nancye Clapp Gautier Professor of Pastoral Theology, Care and Counseling, will present a paper in March from her Fulbright research entitled “‘Dirty Old Gods’: Religion and Freud’s Wednesday Night Psychological Society from Habsburg Vienna to the Holocaust,” Psychology of Religion/Religion of Psychology Conference, sponsored by the Divinity School, the Martin Marty Center, the Wisdom Research Project, and the departments of Anthropology and Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago, Mar. 6, 2016. Pamela co-authored a book with Michael Cooper-White: Exploring Practices of Ministry.  Foundations for Learning Series, Fortress Press, December 2014. She contributed a chapter “Violence and Justice,” in The Oxford Handbook of Theology, Sexuality, and Gender, ed. Adrian Thatcher, just published by Oxford University Press. Pamela wrote a book review essay on Psychoanalysis, Monotheism and Morality: The Sigmund Freud Museum Symposia 2009-2011 just published in the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association. She published an article “A Tale of Two Houses: Küsnacht and Bollingen,” Parts I & II, C.G. Jung Society of Atlanta Quarterly News, published in September & December 2014. On June 2, Pamela will present “Recognizing the Other: Intersubjectivity and Justice” to the International Conference on Intercultural Spiritual Care and Counseling: Pastoral and Spiritual Care across Disciplines, Universität Bern, Switzerland. There will be an online colloquium on her book The Cry of Tamar and the role of women in the church, sponsored by the Society for Relational Theory and Theology on February 20-22.

Kathy Dawson, Associate Professor of Christian Education, Director of the MAPT Program, has been chosen 2015 educator of the year by the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators (APCE). This is one of the largest Christian education organizations in North America and includes not only the PC(USA) but also the Christian Reformed Church, the Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Reformed Church in America and the Cumberland Presbyterian Churches. She will be honored at the 2015 annual event which will gather over 1,000 persons in February in Baltimore.

Mark Douglas, Professor of Christian Ethics; Director of MDiv Program, returned to work on the Institutional Review Board for Northside Hospital in June. He also attended the Georgia State Bar Annual Conference at Amelia Island as part of his work with the Investigative Panel of the Bar. In July, Mark concluded 12 years as the director of the MA(TS) degree and became the new director of the MDiv program for Columbia Seminary. In July, he taught a series on "Ethics, Economics, and Stewardship" at North Avenue Presbyterian Church, and testified at the EPA hearings on the Clean Power Plan Proposal. In August, Mark taught for Independent Presbyterian Church on "Christian Faith and Public Life," and he taught on "Spiritual Practices and Public Life" at the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta. This fall, Mark will teach classes at Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, New Canaan Congregational Church in Connecticut, and Decatur Presbyterian Church. He will convene the annual gathering of the Social Ethics Network, this year at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and attend conferences in Louisville, New Haven, and San Diego. Mark will publish the Spring 2015 edition of @ This Point soon.

Sarah Erickson, Director of Lifelong Learning, participated in worship and assisted in the baptism of her grandson at North Avenue Presbyterian on December 28, and led worship at St. Andrews Presbyterian in Tucker, GA on January 4. She is teaching an adult church school class based on “Reconciling Paul: A Contemporary Study of 2 Corinthians,” (Horizons Bible Study) at N. Decatur Presbyterian in February and March.

Israel Galindo, Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning, presented at the Leadership in Ministry Workshops, Atlanta, November. He taught the Advent series, "An Advent Journey In Poetry and Art," at First Baptist Church of Tucker, GA, December. Israel co-taught "Money and Your Ministry" with author Margaret Marcuson, an online course at the Center for Lifelong Learning, October. He published "Getting Good at It" on the Digital Flipchart blog, October. Israel wrote "Four Freaking Awesome Things About Being Dean," in the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning blog for Theological School Deans, November. He posted "Make Your Course More Effective Using IRA and the Ws," in Digital Flipchart blog, November. Israel wrote "Starting a new degree program is the last thing a dean should do," in the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning blog for Theological School Deans, December. He published "The Two Questions You Fail to Ask When Using a Teaching Method," in Digital Flipchart blog, December. Israel wrote "Do You Know What You're Doing?" in the Digital Flipchart blog, December. He posted "The Persistent Power of the Past," in the Digital Flipchart blog, December. Israel wrote "The number of the Beast," in the Digital Flipchart blog, December. He wrote "On church growth and rural churches," in the Digital Flipchart blog, January. Israel published "Fixing the Problems of Theological Education," in the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning blog for Theological School Deans, January. He wrote "Using Design Elements on Your Online Course Site," in the Digital Flipchart blog, January. Israel posted "Do you want to be great?" in the Perspectives on Congregational Leadership blog, January. He wrote morning and evening devotionals and prayers for Casa: An experiment in doing church online. January. Also in January, Israel did a review of Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn, in the Reflective Teaching, The Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion, a review of Teaching Applied Creative Thinking: A New Pedagogy for the 21st Century (ACT Creativity Series) (Volume 2) in the Reflective Teaching, The Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion, and a review of A Toolkit for Deans n the Reflective Teaching, The Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion. On the Columbia Connections blog, Israel has published "Helping Church Members Grow Spiritually," "For the Bookshelf: Authentic Spirituality," "Growth from the Outside In," "For the Bookshelf:  Personality and Religious Leadership," "Six Educational Principles from St. Augustine of Hippo," "For the Bookshelf: Learning the Way," "Family Life Cycle Programming in the Church," "A Spirituality Reading List for 2015," "Growing into Ministry: Advice from a Veteran,"  "For the Bookshelf: The Gospel According to Tolkien," and What’s Your Story?”

Coming up, Israel will attend the Leadership Development Conference, Savannah Presbytery, St. Simons Island, February. He will present "Learning for the Journey” for the S3 Program, The Center for Lifelong Learning, and "The Seven Concepts that Will Change Your Teaching," at the Center for Lifelong Learning, February. Israel will consult with the Board of  Healthy Congregations, Columbus, OH, February. He will present "The Seven Concepts that Inform My Teaching at Mid-Career," at ATS Roundtable Seminar for Mid-Career Faculty, March. Israel will consult with Faculty of Phillips Theological Seminary, Tulsa OK, April. 

Bill Harkins, Senior Lecturer of Pastoral Theology and Care, was the guest homilist and leader for Consecration Sunday at Holy Family Episcopal Church in Jasper, Georgia. In January, he presented a workshop on Family Systems Theory for the Community of Hope, a group of Lay Pastoral Care Givers at St. Anne's Episcopal Church in Atlanta. Bill will be a guest presenter for the Lenten Wednesday Night Series at St. Benedict's Episcopal Church, speaking on the practical theology of Richard Rohr. In March, he will present on practical applications of Family Systems Theory for CPE residents at the Training and Counseling Center of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Atlanta. In April, Bill will attend the Georgia Association of Marriage and Family Therapy conference at Jekyll Island, where he will present a supervisory case to fellow AAMFT Approved Supervisors. In early May, he will serve as Psychological Health Faculty for CREDO for Recently Ordained Clergy at Trinity Episcopal Conference Center on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, May 12-19.

Paul Huh, Assistant Professor of Worship and Director of Korean American Ministries, travelled in May and June to Korea in partnership with Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary, Seoul; Honam University and Theological Seminary, Kwangju; Hannam University, Daejun, Korea to preach and lead workshops. On June 14-21, he attended General Assembly, Detroit, MI, presenting a Recommendation from National Racial Ethnic Ministry Task Force as the chair. On June 23, Paul gave "Atlanta Worship Communities," a lecture presentation to visiting pastors/Th.D. students from Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary, Korea. On July 10-12, he attended the North American Academy of Liturgy, Minneapolis, MN, Committee meeting. On July 13, Paul preached at Minneapolis Korean Presbyterian Church in MN. During July 30-August 2, he was worship track leader for the Multi-Cultural Conference in Ft. Worth, TX. On August 3, Paul preached at Binneri Presbyterian Church in Dallas, TX. On August 23, he was convocation lecturer and worship preacher for Georgia Christian University in Atlanta. On August 31, Paul preached at Nashville Korean Presbyterian in TN. During October 10-12, he was the main speaker and preacher for Minnesota Area Korean Church Association Annual Revival. In Fall 2014, Paul will be on sabbatical at Collegeville Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research, Collegeville, MN; a Benedictine Community for ecumenical and cultural research and known as an incubation place for liturgical renewal. He will be engaging in the writing project of a book, "Lament to Praise: Introduction to Korean Worship" (Order of Saint Luke Publication). The Collegeville Institution granted him a prestigious "Kilian McDonnell Fellowship in Faith and Culture" as the Resident Scholar.

Ben Johnson, Professor Emeritus of Evangelism, helped Robby Carroll write his memories in Streams of Influence, and also helped Gerald Durley write I Am Amazed: Reflections on an Awesome Life. He recorded 14 interviews for AIB (Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters) which will air later this year. 

Kimberly Long, Associate Professor of Worship, published “Feasting at the Table of the Word: The Liturgical Generativity of the Lectionary,” Liturgy, Vol. 29, No. 4 (2014), 18-26. She also published “Singing in the Kingdom,” Call to Worship: Liturgy, Music, Preaching and the Arts, Vol. 47, No. 2 (2014), 72-74. Kim presided at the wedding of her son and his bride on May 24 in Cambridge, MD. She served as an ecumenical observer/participant at the Consultation on Same-Sex Marriage of the Episcopal Church during June 3-6 in Kansas City, MO. Kim served as faculty for the Yale Institute of Sacred Music’s Congregations Project during June 19-26 in New Haven, CT. This Fall, Kim will publish Feasting on the Word Worship Companion, Liturgies for Year B, Vol. 1 (Westminster / John Knox Press). On September 23, she will lead a seminar for resident pastors on Embodied Worship at Central Presbyterian Church, Atlanta. On October 14, she will preach at Lenbrook retirement community on October 14. On October 21, Kim will present a Webinar on Advent Worship for The Presbyterian Outlook.

Martha Moore-Keish, Associate Professor of Theology, contributed chapters to two recently published books: “Eucharist: The Table that Unites and Divides the Church.” In What Does it Mean to “Do This”? Supper, Mass, Eucharist, edited by Michael Root and James J. Buckley. Pro Ecclesia series. Wipf and Stock, 2014; and “The One, Wounded, Baptized Body: A Memoir of Participation in the U.S. Reformed-Roman Catholic Dialogue (2003-2010),” in Worship and Culture: Foreign Country or Homeland? edited by Glaucia Vasconcelos Wilkey. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2014.

Michael Morgan, Seminary Musician, presented lectures on the English Bible in July and August for the Session Retreat, Fayette Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville, GA; Christian City in Union City, GA; and the Training Event for all Alabama presbyteries at Independent Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, AL. Through the summer, he has served as organist at North Avenue Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, while their musician has been on sabbatical leave. In July, Michael wrote a hymn and played for the ordination and installation of Stephen Fearing (’14) at Shelter Island Presbyterian Church in Shelter Island, NY. In September, he will lecture on Handel's "Messiah" at King University in Bristol, TN and the English Bible at the Bristol Public Library in Bristol, VA. In October, Michael will be presenting two lectures at the annual meeting of the Association of Retired Ministers, Spouses and Survivors (ARMSS) in Excelsior Springs, MO.

Cam Murchison, Jr, Professor Emeritus of Ministry, preached at Black Mountain Presbyterian Church on the theme of Earth Care, Black Mountain, NC on May 25. On Sundays in July, he taught a class entitled “Worrying About What We Eat, Drink and Wear” at First Presbyterian Church, Asheville, NC.

Rodger Nishioka, Benton Family Associate Professor of Christian Education, was keynote speaker at a leadership summit for the East Iowa Presbytery meeting in Wyoming, IA. He preached and spoke at the Flint River Presbytery meeting at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Albany, GA. Rodger was keynote speaker at the PCUSA Multicultural Network dinner at the General Assembly meeting in Detroit, MI. He preached and delivered two lectures at the Epworth Heights Community in Ludington, MI. Rodger was keynote speaker and preacher at the Covenant Synod School in Hillsdale, MI. He preached and led three workshops at the National Youth Conference for the Church of the Brethren meeting in Ft. Collins, CO. Rodger lectured at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN on Rethinking Faith Formation: Christian Identity and Practice in a Pluralistic World. He preached and delivered the summer lectures for St. Philip Presbyterian Church in Houston. Rodger was preacher and keynote speaker at the National Vietnamese Presbyterian Conference gathering in Idyllwild, CA.

Dominique Robinson, Staff Associate for Contextual Education, preached at Children’s and Youth Day on June 8 at Wallace Temple AME Zion Church in Bayonne, NJ. On June 13, she preached at Conyers-Winder District Youth Revival at Smith Memorial AME Zion Church in Monroe, GA. On June 14, she taught a workshop entitled “Social Media Swag” for the Conyers-Winder District Church School Convention in Covington, GA. During June 20-21, Dominique preached and taught at Walter Memorial AME Zion Church’s Women’s Weekend in Bridgeport, CT. On June 22, she preached at the Pastoral Anniversary at Steele Creek AME Zion Church, in Charlotte, NC. On July 6, Dominique took on a new position of Youth Ministry Coordinator at New Life Presbyterian Church where Columbia Seminary Board member Billy Honor is the pastor in College Park, GA. On July 13, she preached at Solid Rock AME Zion Church in Lithonia, GA. On July 28, she co-taught with Jeffrey Tribble on spiritual formation for the AME Zion CED Quadrennial at “Zion University” in Charlotte, NC. During August 8-9, Dominique preached and taught at St. Mark United Methodist Church for their annual Back to School Weekend in Taylor, SC. On August 16, she preached for the Atlanta District Youth & Young Adult Revival at New Life AME Zion Church in College Park, GA. During August 19-20, she was the guest lecturer speaking on “Preaching to Black Millennials” for Rev. Dr. Teresa Fry Brown’s course, Contemporary Black Preaching, at Candler School of Theology in Atlanta. During August 22-24, she preached, conducted a lock-in and taught at St. Stephen AME Zion Church for their annual Back to School Weekend in Asbury Park, NJ. Coming up, Dominique will guest lecture for Khalia Williams at Columbia Seminary on African American Worship and Preaching. On September 14, she will preach Women’s Day at Mt. Zion AME Zion Church in Augusta, GA. During October 14-16, she is preaching and teaching at the YES (Young Adults Empowered by the Spirit) Weekend at Green Memorial AME Zion Church in Portland, ME.

Stan Saunders, Associate Professor of New Testament, was on sabbatical during the Spring and Summer 2014 working on a book, “A Dwelling Place for God,” which explores the place of creation in Biblical models of redemption. He has published “Connecting the Dots and Filling the Gaps: Imagining God with Us” in Word and World 34:3 (Summer 2014) and several online lectionary articles for Working Preacher, Season of Creation, and Christian Century. Stan led a five-week course at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Atlanta on the Biblical story of creation and delivered the Jackson B. Davidson Memorial Lecture on Science and Religion at First Presbyterian Church, Oakridge, Tennessee. He preached at Brookhaven Christian Church in June and will be leading Sunday School classes at Oconee Presbyterian Church in Watkinsville and at Sandy Springs Christian Church this Fall. During June and July, Stan participated in a Wabash Center course on Online Teaching for theological educators.

Mashaun D. Simon, Program Coordinator for Advanced Professional Studies, wrote “Thinking the Unimaginable” for the blog Believe Out Loud. He served as the guest preacher on June 15, 2014 at New Life Presbyterian Church. 

Michael Thompson, Director of Communications, was ordained as a Ruling Elder and elected Clerk of Session at First Presbyterian Church, Covington, GA.

Christine Yoder, Professor of Old Testament Language, Literature, and Exegesis, led a week-long study in June on Israelite wisdom literature at Montreat Conference Center, Montreat, NC (June 2-6), and presented on the concepts of peace and well-being in the Old Testament at Central Presbyterian Church, Atlanta.

William Yoo, Assistant Professor of American Religious and Cultural History, presented research papers on the evolution of the American Protestant mission in South Korea in the mid-twentieth century at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion in San Diego, CA on November 22 and at the Winter Meeting of the American Society of Church History in New York City, NY on January 2. At the Winter Meeting of the American Society of Church History, he accepted a nomination to become a Council member of the Society for a three-year term beginning in 2016. William will be presenting a paper on teaching pluralism and Protestantism in American religious history at the Southeastern Commission for the Study of Religion in Nashville, TN from March 6 to 8. He wrote two essays on seeking insights from Presbyterian history in the United States for The Presbyterian Outlook, the first was published on September 29, and the second was published on November 3. William is currently working on four encyclopedia entries, including “Presbyterian Church (USA)” and “Protestant Theological Seminaries” for the forthcoming Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States (2016). He preached at Ray-Thomas Memorial Presbyterian Church in Marietta, GA on September 28, Siloam Korean Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Norcross, GA on November 9, and John Knox Presbyterian Church in Marietta, GA on November 16. William taught a Sunday School class on slavery and women’s preaching in nineteenth-century American Christian history at First Presbyterian Church in Cartersville, GA on January 11. He will preach and teach at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Albany, GA for a Presbytery Meeting of the Flint River Presbytery on February 14. William will teach Sunday School classes on the histories of immigration, foreign mission, and American religion at First Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, GA on April 12 and April 19.