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Endowment for Faculty and Programs

Sustaining Leaders who Prepare Leaders

Columbia's faculty has always been what attracts students to this seminary. The appeal is who the faculty members are, of course, but it is just as much what they teach - and the way they teach. They are scholars who are committed to the pursuit of their individual disciplines, but at the same time are equally passionate about developing their students' skills for the practice of ministry.

To meet the seminary's needs now and in the future, the Board and the faculty have determined that we need a larger faculty, with new positions in Bible, theology, and preaching. While all faculty members teach the same number of courses each year, faculty in these three areas of study bear the heaviest load of required courses. This leaves very little time for them to offer the variety of courses that will expand and deepen the capacity of students in these core areas of ministry - in our Basic and Advanced Degree programs, as well as in Lifelong Learning offerings.

Not only must we build Columbia's faculty, but we must also build endowed funds to support their work. These funds will provide academic resources for the faculty as a whole in their teaching, scholarship, and research that produces materials for churches and church leaders. In addition, endowed funds will support programming in leadership development and initiatives in Lifelong Learning, thus ensuring the permanence of these programs as integral to the seminary's mission and critical to its vision of serving as a theological resource for the whole church.