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Writing as Interpretation: Strategies for Exegesis Papers

Date: 1/29/2015
Time: 3:00 pm

The exegesis paper comes with all the major challenges of other writing assignments, but in addition it also entails the daunting work of interpreting Scripture. Building off the instruction you have received in your OT and NT courses, this workshop provides practical tips for writing exegesis papers and will examine several examples of what successful exegesis papers look like. This workship will be hosted in the JCB Library.

Mastering the Art of the Essay Exam

Date: 2/19/2015
Time: 3:00 pm

The essay exam is a mainstay of many seminary introductory courses. How can you effectively prepare for this type of test? What are some practical strategies for organizing your essay and managing your time? What sorts of things are your professors looking for when grading your work? This workshop will help you quickly improve your test-taking skills. This workship will be hosted in the JCB Library.

Polishing your Prose: Stylish Academic Writing

Date: 3/26/2015
Time: 3:00 pm

Many students assume that academic writing needs to be impersonal, thick with jargon, and loaded with long, complex sentences. But in fact the best research and exegesis papers are far more engaging and accessible. This workshop will help give your papers a well-deserved "makeover" by offering practical tips for polishing your prose and making your writing more stylish. This workship will be hosted in the JCB Library.