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Federal Resources

Federal Student Loans

We urge students to consider loans only as a last resort. Columbia does not package federal student loans, and students are not automatically considered for loans. Students are encouraged to limit their borrowing as much as possible. However, eligible students may apply for unsubsidized Stafford loans through the Financial Planning Office. Effective July 1, 2012 the Direct federal subsidized loan will no longer be available to graduate/professional students. The maximum federal unsubsidized loan will be $20,500 per year.

Federal work-study provides limited opportunities for employment. 

Eligibility for federal student loans and federal work-study is determined by federal methodology.

To continue eligibility for federal work-study and loans, a student in an eligible degree program must maintain at least half-time status and be making satisfactory academic progress.

The Registrar's Office certifies loan deferments. You can obtain the appropriate forms from your lender's website.

Veterans Administration Benefits

Certification for Veteran’s Administration benefits is handled through the Office of Student Services.