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Financial Planning

Columbia Theological Seminary offers generous need-based financial aid support which is comprised of institutional grants, scholarships, federal loans and work-study. With many students receiving support for most of their demonstrated need, it is one of the best offers by any accredited theological school, seminary or divinity school! Grants will be awarded to most students who submit the completed financial aid application, attend as a full-time basic degree student, and are eligible based on documented unmet need.

The basic degree programs are: Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Practical Theology, Master of Arts (Theological Studies), and our dual Master of Divinity/Master in Practical Theology. Eligible students must maintain at least a 2.30 cumulative GPA, attend full-time taking 6 credit hours during the summer term, 9 or 12 credit hours per semester, and 3 credit hours during the extended spring term. Our Financial Planning Office supports students to plan for attendance at seminary, to maintain their financial goals while at seminary, and to leave seminary with minimal amounts of new debt, so that they may fully focus on their education. Planning, budgeting, and financial literacy enable students to avoid incurring significant debt while completing their degree program.

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Types of Financial Assistance 

Columbia Theological Seminary offers academic scholarships to entering and qualified basic degree students each year. These scholarships range in value starting from $11,500 to $20,000. Returning basic degree students are considered each year for approximately 15 merit scholarships that vary in graduated value from $500 to over $3,000. 

Some support may be made available to advanced degree students including qualified master’s and doctoral students. Numerous other financial resources are available outside the seminary from Presbyterian and other organizations in the USA. Need-based financial aid which has a work-study requirement is available to students who apply and are determined eligible per Columbia Seminary’s Financial Aid policy.


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Need-based Financial Aid


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