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Doctor of Ministry - Gospel and Culture

Equipping leaders for a new, more faithful church, reformed not through accommodation to contemporary culture, but through conversion

Addressing a pervasive need in the church for a new paradigm for relating gospel and culture, this advanced degree program enables pastors to engage the mission field of North American, postmodern, post-Christian society. As you engage in disciplined cultural analysis, you will find that familiar biblical texts, doctrines, and ethics take on new meanings as they confront the challenges of today. And you will see the emergence of new readings of the church's situation and the human project alongside your own renewed and enlivened commitment to theological truths.


Introductory Seminar for 2016: July 11-22, 2016


We are currently receiving applications for Gospel and Culture DMin Concentration that will begin September 19, 2016.  The application deadline is May1, 2016.  Click here for the online application.

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