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October 2014

Deedra Rich to Lead Half-Day Prayer Retreat in November

Is it possible to live into Advent in a more conscious, intentional way than ever before? Amid our many distractions, there is a path in this season to a deeper awareness of God’s presence.

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An Often Told Story

"On that day I became a lectionary preacher, using the lectionary not because it was handed down from on high" says David Bartlett, "but because it helped me get out of my rut, however comfortable and comforting the rut might be."

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2015 Thompson Scholar Evangelism Program to Focus on Church Development

With Jin S. Kim, David I. Neville, Sara Hayden, and Jeffery L. Tribble. Application deadline for this popular seminar December 1, 2014.

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Save These Dates!

The Center for Lifelong Learning’s courses are taught by top-notch seminary faculty as well as instructors who are nationally recognized as experts in their fields. These continuing education courses and events serve as opportunities to learn with and from others throughout a lifetime of ministry and service. We invite you to explore, discover, and grow as faithful disciples engaged in God’s transforming work.

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Wilderness Revelations: Sea Kayaking in the Bahamas

Wilderness isn’t safe; it isn’t clean or soft. But it is powerful and it is part of God’s world. So it is unsurprising that the God we encounter in the wilderness is not only dangerous but more than a match for the dangers of the wilderness

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