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March 2015

Time to Register for Come to the Waters: Horizons 2015-16 Bible Study Leader Training

Water plays a central role in the stories of creation, the delivery of God’s people, judgment of a people weak in faith, and the adoption of the people of God through baptism. Sometimes there is too much, and sometimes too little water.

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New Online Course: Using Dialogical Learning in Small Group Bible Study

Effective Christian educators know there is a distinctiveness to teaching for faith. Faith, central to the life of discipleship, is not like everything else—it is a particular thing that needs to be learned in particular ways.

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Love Wears Down Walls

We live in creative tension between the stability of identity and the instability of transformation. One would assume that Christ stood in the middle, equally upholding identity and transformation. He did not. He leaned hard toward transformation.

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Live, Liberate, and Resurrect: Letting the Verbs Dominate

Let’s put a twist on dramatic theory and to discover how Preaching the Verbs can enliven the preaching task.

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Life is a Sacred Story: Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future with Sacred Journaling

A journal is more than a diary. A diary records the events of our days. A journal records and reveals our spirits.

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