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December 2014

Explore the Non-Dominant Divine

God chooses to make a nation of the most insignificant, tattered group of tribes on earth, the least powerful of any community in the kingdoms of the ancient near east. God chooses a humble Jewish girl to be the bearer of the Messiah. God decides to divest of the heavenly glories within the mystery of God’s own being and take on the weakness and sufferings of human flesh in the person of Jesus.

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Come Learn the Seven Concepts that will Change Your Teaching

There are three rivers of life, four corners of the earth, five paths to enlightenment, six diffusions of innovation, and seven concepts that will change your teaching. The countdown to our info-rich new class is on!

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Pewview: Reflections of a Thompson Scholar

As the picture taking progressed across the worship space, one section of seating at a time, it was wonderful to see the intergenerational interaction.  Older worshipers sought the assistance of younger worshipers on how to upload the photos they had just taken, and older worshipers helped some of the youngest navigate the mysteries of film photography using a disposable camera. The children were perplexed by the novelty of the need to advance film between shots.

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Immersed in Spirit

In October the Cerificate in Spiritual Formation hosted an Immersion Experience. Some of the assumptions participants had made about the spirituality of the ancient Israelites and early Christians were turned inside out, which made some people in the group distinctly uncomfortable. The author explains why that’s a good thing.

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The Library has Helps for Lectionary Users

Erica Durham talks about what the John Bulow Campbell Library has to offer those working with the lectionary.

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