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June 2015

Landscapes of Renewal

The diversity of biblical tradition reflects the diversity of the land. Scholars have only recently appreciated how the natural landscape of ancient Palestine helped to shape the stories and poetic images found in Scripture. As biblical scholar Jon Levenson claims about biblical tradition, “Geography is simply a visible form of theology.” And how diverse that geography is!

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Considering Your Audience

There are good writers, then there are GOOD WRITERS. What's the difference? Here are a few tips and insights from Beth Waltemath, former publishing company insider, writer and the co-pastor of North Decatur Presbyterian Church.

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The Ignatian Exercises are designed to move us prayerfully into the experience of desolation followed by consolation. This path is a path to knowing – truly knowing – the depth of God’s love for us. And yes, things fall into place.

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How to Read

Do you know how to read critically and purposefully? As a follow-up to last month's piece titled "How to Write," we thought we'd offer you a few tips on critical reading from Dr. Galindo, as well as info on an upcoming reading opportunity.

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Something to Think About!

A Texas Tech and Virginia Tech study shows that 28 percent of ministers have been forced from their ministry position at least once – about 1 in 3.67 ministers. How many ministers can spot the signs of a church in trouble? There are signs...

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