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September 2014

Eco-travel Seminar: Sea Kayaking in the Bahamas

“We are not currently well shaped to think about, let alone change our habits or holistically address the crises we face. To address these problems, even at individual and local levels, it is immensely helpful to at least temporarily relocate ourselves geographically, conceptually, and spiritually. This ‘Eco-Travel Seminar’ does just that.”

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Older Adult Ministry Certificate Program to Launch in Spring 2015

“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.” ~Robert Frost

Older adults face changes and challenges, and may have different spiritual needs as they age, but they also have wonderful gifts, skills, and experience.

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Praying with Julian of Norwich

By reading carefully the Long Text of Julian’s Revelations, we will take a deeper look at this fascinating mystic, and her insights into God’s relationship with Creation, God as Mother, and humankind’s partnership with God through life in the Trinity.

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January Seminar Designed to Facilitate Worship Planning for the Coming Year

This Lectionary Studies seminar will provide preachers and teaches with a fresh look at lectionary passages (RCL) from Lent B to Christmas C AND time to use what you learn to polish your worship and preaching plans for the coming liturgical year.

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Reading Thomas Merton's Journals with the Spirituality Program

Merton intuitively and sometimes consciously used the Lectio Divina method to record and reread his own spiritual progress. This same framework will help us as we become familiar and then begin to understand what Merton’s writings might tell us about our own spiritual journeys.

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