Educating imaginative, resilient leaders for God's changing world.

May 2015

Smaller Congregations Explore Change, Organization and Generosity

Rice, Wimberly and Hotchkiss return to go deeper into the material presented at 2014's Adventures in Vitality. Instructors will each spend one day leading on their area of expertise.

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Common Ground, Holy Ground: Spirituality Program Celebrates 20 Years

We have quite the celebration planned! Join us, and keynote speaker Rodger Nishioka, along with a wonderful group of session leaders, as we discuss where the Spirituality Program has been, where it's going, and the changes, struggles and blessings it has faced along the way.

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Best Writing Advice

Dr. Galindo comes clean with some of his tips and tricks for writing, and he should know.  Between blogs, books, curriculum, poetry, and regular Journeying Together contributions, the man is a writing machine. Here’s great advice on writing.

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Jim Crane Cartoons: Retrospective Exhibit Invites Reflection

“How deeply can you probe into the human condition with little line drawings? I want to find out,” says Crane. “I want to explore as much of the richness of being human as the medium will allow.  I want to push the cartoon to what Tillich might call its religious dimensions.” 

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Calling all spiritual pilgrims, all seekers, all longing for a deeper connection with God

If you are, or any one you know is interested in exploring the key ideas and foundational practices for the grand adventure of life in the Spirit, this class is a great place to start.

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