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Two Groups Earn Immigrant Lay Leader Certificates

Graduation speech by Oscar Otoniel Perez

Two groups of participants in the Spanish-speaking Immigrant Lay Leader Training (ILLT) Program have recently earned their certificates.

This certificate program is designed to equip lay leaders in immigrant fellowships and congregations.  Participants attend ten 10-hour courses (six hours in the classroom and four hours of field work in the participant’s ministry context). Among the course topics are: Reformed theology; Presbyterian history and polity; the Sacraments; Old Testament and New Testament survey and interpretation; new church cevelopment; evangelism, and theological reflection .

Earning the Phase 1 certificate in Spring 2011 were (left to right in photo) Bismarck Acosta, Edgar Alarcón, Irma Rojas, Maria Lourdes Vargas, and Abel Mendoza. Coordinating the Phase 1 program are Nelson Donado and Sandra Diaz.

Earning the Phase 2 certificate in Summer 2011 were (left to right in photo) Oscar Otoniel Pérez, Luis Armando Pérez, Silvia Noemí Pérez, and Edgar Antonio Alarcón. Coordinator of the Phase 2 program is Claudia Lopez.

Each course includes required readings, papers, and/or oral examinations. The curriculum concludes with a practicum, in which theology and the practice of ministry are evaluated.

Most courses are offered in weekend formats in the Harrington Center on the campus of Columbia Theological Seminary.