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Sabbath + Study + Service = Healthier, Engaged Church Leaders

by Lifelong Learning Staff

S3 member and CTS alum Andy James converses with CTS students

What happens when 51 pastors, educators, camp directors and campus ministers gather to celebrate and learn about strategies for engaging in self-directed peer learning groups?

Conversation. LOTS of conversation about the benefits of taking the time to intentionally nurture relationships with God, with caring peers, and with ways of learning that work for the particular ministry settings and stages of life of the learners.

From Feb. 13-16, the 8th annual S3 (Sabbath, Study and Service) Orientation Retreat gathered 11 cohort groups who were either beginning or ending their work together. The 2011 cohort spent time evaluating their individual projects and exploring ways to continue their projects or transition into other group learning settings. The 2012 cohort members explored the dimensions of the three Ss, and worked on finalizing their project proposals and budgets.

“We are fortunate to have received not one, but two grants from the Lilly Endowment, Inc. to underwrite this learning project,” stated Sarah Erickson, director of Lifelong Learning. “We started the project in the summer of 2003, and so far 350 people in 60 different learning groups have benefitted from this creative, focused learning project.”

Look for additional reports about S3 projects, and the benefits S3 participants have experienced in the coming issues of JOURNEYING TOGETHER.