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Times of Transition Hold Undefined Potential for Transformation

by Lifelong Learning Staff

Butterfly emerging from cocoon.

The most beautiful and challenging aspect of the journey of life is the journey itself. We are always on the move, always growing, experiencing, and learning; and in turn always being transformed.

Regardless of where we are on our life’s journey – children, youth, young adults, adults, senior adults – we will inevitably continue to experience things that are new, challenging, exciting, and often frighteningly unfamiliar in the world and community around us.  The world seems to shift every time we turn on the news. Our communities change and morph in unexpected ways. At times our own lives are affected by drastic transitions, such as the birth of a child, shifting careers, the death of a loved one, or transitioning to a new phase in life.

Alan Roxburgh refers to this space of transition, “the betwixt-and-between” as a time of “undefined potential,” a time when “something new can be discovered.”

In the midst of life’s transitions we find ourselves in a process of remembering and at the same time re-identifying who we are. We ask ourselves, “Who is God calling me to become at this moment, in this new phase and time of my life?”

The Immersion Experience: An Invitation to a Deeper Spiritual Life is a spiritual retreat designed to offer you the space, community, and spiritual resources for you to reflect on your “undefined potential” in the midst of your journey, wherever you may be. The Immersion Experience is an introductory retreat-like class for those wishing to participate in the Certificate in Spiritual Formation, and is also open to anyone interested, including those not enrolled in the Certificate in Spiritual Formation.

For more information or to register for an Immersion Experience, use the links below.

Immersion Experience           July 22-27, 2012    Location: Columbia Theological Seminary
Immersion Experience           April 7-10, 2013     Location: Montreat Conference Center, NC