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Spirituality Program News

by Lifelong Learning Staff

The Spirituality Program in the Center for Lifelong Learning is pleased to introduce Eric Barreto and Victor Kramer, two dynamic and experienced professors, teachers, and writers to the 2013 Spirituality class schedule. 

Eric Barreto, assistant professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary, joins us February 7-10, 2013, to lead The Spirituality of “Stuff” in the Gospel of Luke. Barreto has taught at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology, McAfee School of Theology, and in Sankor, Ghana, through Coast for Christ Ministries. In the classroom, Barreto finds that his students learn best while reading the text together: "My goal isn't to tell them what the text is, or to tell them what Paul's message is or what Jesus' message is in a particular parable. My goal is to ask the right questions, show them the right paths in order that together we can come up with answers to the questions. I'm not a guru of the Bible; I'm a guide."
Read more about Eric Barreto HERE.

Victor Kramer, professor emeritus of English at Georgia State University and the founding editor of The Merton Annual, will be joining us September 19-22, 2013, for Illumination and Mysticism in Blake, Hopkins, Merton, Levertov, and Oliver. Kramer has served as the director of the Aquinas Center at Emory University and has published numerous books and articles on Merton, Walker Percy, and other literary figures. Kramer also serves as a spiritual director.