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Wounds with a View

by Lifelong Learning Staff

Henri J.M. Nouwen

Throughout our lives, we experience pain and suffering that leave wounds and scars upon our hearts. These journeys through our own suffering can bring us into a deeper relationship with God. In our weakness, we are made humble, and often through this, we begin to discover the great mysteries of God. How does God reach us when we are vulnerable and in pain?

“We are healed by his wounds,” it is said of Jesus, but our spiritual lives may be shaped and healed by our own wounds as well. We have “wounds with a view” that open us to new possibilities, enlarging our compassion, expanding our prayer life. Henri Nouwen journaled in his deeply personal The Inner Voice of Love, “What seemed primarily painful may then become a feeling that…opens for you the way to an even deeper knowledge of God’s love.” In one of his earliest books, Nouwen described the minister (every Christian) as “The Wounded Healer.”

Henri Nouwen was a prolific writer in Spirituality and contemplated many issues surrounding psychology and spirituality. He studied how our past sufferings could bring deeper spiritual formation and how we can minister through our own past experiences.

Chris Glaser, leader of the upcoming Henri J.M. Nouwen: The Wounded Healer class at CTS, studied with Henri Nouwen during his time at Yale Divinity School. Glaser will be exploring the writings of Henri Nouwen in a four day spirituality class at CTS, Feburary 28 –March 3, 2013. Glaser will use the work of Nouwen as a starting point into a search for meaning through our fragility as human beings.

Glaser says, “This class is an invitation to your own search for quiet and meaning.”

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