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Tracing our Christian Spiritual Roots

by Lifelong Learning Staff

photo by Matt Rich

Is the history of Christian Spirituality the same thing as Church History? Do the paths intersect or run parallel? Has the church always been the framework and foundation for the Christian spiritual movement?

In a weeklong retreat-like class, Western Christian Spirituality, Dr. Catherine Gonzalez, Professor Emerita of Church History at CTS traces the central focus of spirituality in the Christian community throughout its existence.

Catherine’s teaching is often more like storytelling as you quickly become familiar with the “characters” through history who have influenced and shaped Christian Spirituality as we know it today. The class will deal with practices and understandings that provided the center of faith and renewal in the life of Christians throughout the centuries.

“Beginning with the early church that is largely in the East and then shifting to the West in the Medieval period,” Dr. Gonzalez remarks, “we will give attention to the renewal of spiritual life in the church, its sources, and its relationship to context in order to determine what sources are useful for the church and ministry today.”

This six day spirituality class on Western Christian Spirituality is open to everyone. Click here for more information and to register.