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Opening to the God of Your Life

by Lifelong Learning Staff

Sacred Heart Monastery

We worship a God who wants to be known, a God who calls us to intimate communion. This God has many names.

In recent years Biblical scholars, women especially, have drawn attention to the many names for God in Scripture, names suggestive of God’s deep desire to be with us and for us. In addition to the familiar and dearly beloved images of God as Master, King, Lord, and Father, God is imaged as wind and fire, wisdom Sophia, mother, midwife, partner, friend and the One who knows our song and invites us to join in the great dance of life.

Join us May 20-24 for our annual Women’s Contemplative Retreat as we pray and play our way to a spacious place where God’s gracious Spirit can manifest in forms both ancient and brand new. In silence, in nature, in art and poetry, in gentle conversation with other women on the journey, we will open to God’s presence.

Our time in this beautiful quiet out-of-the-way place will be divided among talks, quiet time, prayer experiences, regular opportunities to work with art and music and poetry. It is never easy to take a week off from our daily life, so full of activity and responsibility. But Jesus himself invites his faithful regularly to “come away and rest awhile.” We hope you will hear the invitation as addressed to you and come join us as we seek and find the God of our life who longs to refresh our spirit and reinvigorate our ministries.

The retreat is open not just to Columbia affiliates, but to any woman interested in being more present to the God of her life.

A word about the setting: Sacred Heart Monastery is a dwelling place for a group of Benedictine Sisters whose lives of prayer and work are patterned on an ancient Rule dating back to the 6th century. The quiet rhythm of their lives, not to mention the natural beauty of the place, contributes to the feeling that in coming here we have crossed a threshold; we have been given a way to move from relentless chronos time to spacious kairos time. Time for resting, waiting, listening, tending... Come and see.

The women’s retreat may be taken for credit towards the Certificate in Spiritual Formation. For details and registration, click HERE