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Creating a Scaffold for Lifelong Discipleship, Part II

The last issue of JOURNEYING TOGETHER featured a story recounted by Anne H.K. Apple, one of the leaders of the course, BAPTISM AND BEYOND:  SCAFFOLDING A LIFE OF DISCIPLESHIP, April 23-25. Here, director of Lifelong Learning, Sarah Erickson, recounts another story.

It was a sunny December Monday as my toddler-son and I headed toward his Baptist Church daycare. We passed by our church home, Spanish Fort Presbyterian, as we usually did, each of us occupied with our own early-morning thoughts. Words from the back seat jolted me back to the present.

“Joseph and Mary are on their way to Bethlehem now.”

I looked in the rearview mirror to see my son’s thoughtful expression as he looked toward the church building, where he spent Sunday mornings in church school and worship.

“Yes, I expect they are,” I managed to say. “What made you think about that?”

“Well, Christmas is soon, and they have to be ready. We have to be ready, too, for Baby Jesus.”

This back-seat theologian is the same young man who later served on staff for the first Presbyterian Celebration (the youth version of Cursillo) in the South Alabama Presbytery, and who served as a camp counselor/lifeguard for two summers at Pinetreat, our presbytery’s summer camp.

When we moved to Atlanta, he got lost in the confusion of Atlanta’s roadways until he found himself in the parking lot of Shallowford Presbyterian where he attended youth group. When he FINALLY made it home and endured the anger/relief of this worried mother, he said, “Mom, I can always find my way home from church.”

When he got ready to go to Basic Combat Training at Ft. Jackson, he asked for a new Bible to take with him.

He’s about to become a father himself, later this spring. I’m giving my first grandson a Bible. I figure his father and mother will tell him the stories and start to lay the groundwork to help the next generation of our family “find the way home.”

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