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Half-day Lenten Retreat


In addition to the Certificate in Spiritual Formation classes, the Spirituality Program now offers half day prayer retreats. We are pleased to announce our first half day retreat for 2014! 

(PLEASE NOTE- Due to inclement weather, the two previously planned half-day retreats have been rescheduled, and combined into one retreat. Please note new date.)

The Passion: In Art, Texts, and Music: A Contemplative Retreat for Lent

Led by Chris Glaser

Spiritual Formation Program

March 8, 2014 – 9 a.m.-noon

This will be an opportunity to practice lectio divina with art, words, and music associated with Lent and Holy Week. Lectio divina is a meditative practice associated primarily with scripture, but may be used to cultivate mindfulness of the sacred through other media as well.

Morning prayer will be followed by brief introductions of participants and content. Then retreatants will be given two half-hour opportunities to visit in silence two of three venues, contemplating one or more of their contents, journaling or drawing if desired. One venue will contain art books and artwork, another will feature poems and scriptures and brief texts, and in a third room, a selection of various pieces of music will be played (this venue will also include a labyrinth for musical walking if wished). Then we gather to share insights and close with midday prayer.

Rev. Chris Glaser is the author of twelve books, five intended for daily use for meditation, two of which specifically include the season of Lent. He has previously taught courses on spiritual author, professor, and Roman Catholic priest Henri Nouwen for the Spiritual Formation Program. He blogs “Progressive Christian Reflections” Wednesday mornings at