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Food and Garden Spirituality

“Food — food access, food quality, food production — is one of the defining issues of this generation,” says Gail O’Day, Dean of the School of Divinity and Professor of New Testament and Preaching at Wake Forest University.  

In fact, Dr. O’Day continues, “The rapid growth of local food and farm-to-table movements has sparked a creative and essential conversation that links the revitalization of rural economies, food access for urban neighborhoods, and the health and well-being of all our communities.”

“Connecting food and faith is about our care of the earth and of one another — the core realities of our vocations as children of God,” suggests O’Day. It is a deep part of our spirituality, and how we live out such care for God’s creation is important not only for our individual spiritual journeys, but for all of creation. 

In Food and Garden Spirituality in the New Testament October 23-26, Dr. O’Day and the class will explore agricultural imagery that is at the heart of biblical teachings. Through engaging garden metaphors found in the parables of Jesus and the Gospel of John, the class will envision how garden spirituality can help us develop a more holistic spirituality for ourselves and our community. This isn’t about tackling the ecological crisis, but rather considering how to view the world and our place in the world differently in light of reading the New Testament through a food and garden lens.

This class is open for all who are interested in exploring what food and garden spirituality means for their spiritual journey. It will be held at Montreat Conference Center. For more information and registration details, click here.