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Comings and Goings …

Seedlings wait to go in the ground in a newly-turned garden plot in a sunny backyard. A small garden helper, who needs close supervision or the garden soil could end up in pockets, ears, even a mouth, plays with the hand-tools nearby. This is the place Deedra Rich is called to be now. We are thankful for her vision and dedication to the Spirituality Program, and we are thankful she took a moment to write a few parting words for us.

“It has been a blessing and a gift to serve you, to journey alongside of you, to embrace God’s spirit moving in our midst,” says Deedra.  “Over the past 8 years working with the Spirituality Program I have learned to listen more deeply to God – God within myself, in others, and in all of creation.  What I hear and discern now is to be still, be present, and practice simplicity. My prayer is that this is a move toward simplicity, toward more fully becoming the person who God is creating within me.”

Deedra says, “I’ve been asked many times, ‘What’s the bigger and better that I’m moving on to?’  That question always brings a smile to my face as I picture my 3 foot, red-headed, blue-eyed little bundle of mischievous joy named Rachel. Beginning in June, I will be spending much more time with Rachel, my 15-month old daughter, and my husband, Matt. I can’t imagine anything bigger or better.”

Before leaving, Deedra worked closely with Dr. Sarah Erickson and Dr. Israel Galindo to find someone well-equipped to administer the Spirituality Program and implement the new Certificate in Spiritual Direction.

Please join us in welcoming Debra Weir as Associate Director of Spirituality. As many of you know, Debra is no stranger to the Spirituality Program. Among the various roles she has served in the Spirituality Program the most visible roles are as facilitator and instructor.  

Debra holds the Diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction from San Francisco Theological Seminary, giving her a solid, graduate-level foundation in Christian spirituality and spiritual direction. She brings broad experience to the job, including ten years living and working in Asia and serving as program director and instructor in diverse and international educational settings such as International School of Bangkok, Thailand for eight years and the University of California at Berkeley for nine years.

The Center for Lifelong Learning is thrilled for Deedra as she begins her “bigger and better” journey, and excited to continue our own journey with Debra.