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New Courses in 2015 for Preachers and Teachers

For many in ministry, preaching and teaching are the fundamental ways they share the Good News. The Center for Lifelong Learning wants to equip those in ministry to do what they have been called to do by offering classes designed to reignite imaginations and bring fresh perspectives to the work of doing “God’s work.” Although we are just a little more than halfway through 2014, we’ve been hard at work creating vibrant new courses for 2015.  

Our first new course designed for congregational educators—lay teachers, pastors, teaching staff, and program staff, is Seven Concepts That Will Change Your Teaching. Course instructor Israel Galindo introduces participants to seven concepts (or “big ideas”) about teaching and learning that will form a framework for new ways to approach teaching and learning in work and ministry.  

“Often, congregational educators find themselves stuck in a teaching routine,” says Dr. Galindo, associate dean for Lifelong Learning and an expert in congregational and organizational leadership, and Christian faith formation and education. “This course will help participants gain a better understanding of how learning actually happens, and how to refine their teaching skills to become more effective educators.”  

Seven Concepts That Will Change Your Teaching
will take place February 23-25, 2015. Register now to take advantage of early bird discounts for registrations completed before December 15.  

Dr. Anna Carter Florence, Peter Marshall Professor of Preaching and Worship, puts a twist on dramatic theory and invites participants to discover how Preaching the Verbs can enliven the preaching task. Participants will read the biblical “script” by focusing on the verbs that are given and chosen by the characters. The seminar will include lecture and group discussion, individual study and reflection, and opportunities to practice “preaching the verbs” as they begin a sermon draft or lesson plan for future use.

“If you do a quick survey of any Bible passage, you’ll find that what is true in life is also true in scripture: the verbs dominate,” says Carter Florence. “It’s what we do and don’t do that preoccupies human beings. And it’s those verbs with outcomes we cannot fully imagine for ourselves – live, liberate, forgive, resurrect - that the church offers and listeners reach for, week after week.”  

Register for this May 4-6 class now and find out what happens when we read Scripture and let the verbs lead. Extended-stay options offered for those who wish to stay on campus for worship planning and independent study.  

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