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Distance Learning Q&A

Distance learning, e-learning, virtual learning environment, whatever words you use to describe it, online learning is fast becoming a viable option for sharpening your skills without the expense, time and disruption of on-site learning. The Center for Lifelong Learning will offer its online course, Money and Your Ministry this October, but several more are planned for the future.

With so many different learning platforms and possibilities for information sharing, even seasoned online learners don’t always know what to expect from the courses they’ve signed up for. Here are a few questions we’ve been asked regarding our upcoming online courses.

What are the minimum computer system requirements needed to take online courses with the Center for Lifelong Learning?

Just about any computer with internet access will work for this course: PC, Apple, tablet, or iPad. Certainly, the newer the computer the better, and, your internet speed and reliability will be a factor.

What is the computer software program that will be used for the online course?
You will use your standard browser to log onto the course site. We’ll use the Moodle learning platform. Explorer, Chrome, and browsers on tablet and iPad should work just fine. No additional software needed. 

Will there be much interaction between instructors and those taking the course? Do I need to have a webcam?
We will not be using videos or webcam for most of our courses, but there will be LOTS of interaction with the instructors, and, with your peers. The course is asynchronous, so you will not need to log on at specific set times for a class session. The schedule will help move things along, but you’ll mostly log on at your convenience and work at your own pace. Count on the instructors to prompt and prod for deep thinking and insight.

Is the interaction through a blog or messaging?
Most of the interaction will take place on the course site discussion forum, which is very easy to use, and, highly interactive.

How will I know if I am learning and understanding the course material correctly?
The course has a specific pedagogical framework designed to help you reflect on your reading, engage in reflection-on-practice and experience, and learn through the interaction with the instructors and your peers in the course. There are several options for a course project to help you apply what you are learning in your context. The projects are focused and manageable in the timeframe of the course. These also will help you apply the insights you acquire, derive new insights and learning specific to your interests, needs, and context.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have! Or you can sign up for Money and your Ministry here.


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