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Where Inner & Outer Journeys Converge: Missional Spirituality Course with Steve Hayner

by Tom Lewis


Two strands of spiritual formation are often separated in our lives: the inner journey –  through prayer and meditation – and the outer journey, through social advocacy and action.
Columbia Seminary’s new President Steve Hayner will help us learn ways to intertwine these two strands of the journey, in a course called “Missional Spirituality,” September 12-17 on the seminary campus.
Brother Roger of the Taize’ community has given us a good description of how missional spirituality can mend the lives of people, communities and nations:
 “Prayer is a serene force at work within human beings, stirring them up, ‘transforming’ them, never allowing them to close their eyes in the face of evil, or wars, of all that threatens the weak of this world.
“From [prayer] we draw energy to wage other struggles – to enable our loved ones to survive, to transform the human condition, to make the earth a place fit to live in.”                
During this course, Jim Wood and Scott Weimer will present examples of missional spirituality – far away and in our own neighborhoods:
Wood is senior pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Norfolk, VA. With his congregation, Wood has transformed the “mission trip” into a spiritual pilgrimage.  Showing professional-quality videos of the work of his congregation in Africa, Wood will bring us “on the ground” experiences of mission in Kenya and the Sudan.
Weimer, senior pastor at North Avenue Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, will share experiences of spiritual formation in the development of street ministries in the neighborhood of his church.
These three instructors have years of experience in the integration of the inner journey and the outer journey. This is a marker event for our program in spiritual formation. For details or to register, click here, then scroll down to September 12.  Or, call our Registrar. Ph. 404-687-4587.