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Celebration Seminar for Spirituality Program

by Lifelong Learning Staff

Quilt created during Spirituality's 15th
anniversary fete


As Ben Campbell Johnson tells it, years ago while he was praying in the desert, the idea for a Christian Spirituality Program at Columbia Seminary was first planted in his mind and heart. Much prayer and visioning, planning and collaboration followed.
This year, the program marks its 15th anniversary and celebrates the many journeys of faith that have been shaped by the Spirituality Program.
During a celebration/seminar called “Unfolding the Mystery,” September 17-18, 2010, graduates, occasional participants, and program leaders marked the anniversary with worship, seminar sessions, and meals together.
Among the session topics: Liturgy of the Hours (led by Paul Lang), Art as Meditation (Ellen Phillips), Guided Meditation (Ben Johnson), Interplay (Debra Weir), Guided Journaling (Julie Johnson), Lectio Divina (Tom Lewis), and Centering Prayer (Lalor Cadley).
“We reflected on the weaving together of this rich and diverse community and gave thanks for it,” says Deedra Rich, who has been the Program Coordinator and is now Interim Associate Director of Spirituality and Lifelong Learning.
“While we travel from different places – each on our own journey – our paths have been woven together by the love of God, creating a beautiful tapestry that only our Creator can fully see and realize the mystery of the finished tapestry.”
To portray this idea visually, each person attending the celebration wove a piece of fabric into a tapestry. The tapestry will be displayed in the Harrington Center. [Photo here by David H. Hedges.]
The event also honored Tom Lewis, who is retiring this year as Director of the program.
Besides Johnson and Lewis, the celebration’s program and worship leaders were Julie A. Johnson, former director and visionary of the Spirituality Program, and Paul and Sarah Lang.