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Nine Awarded Spirituality Certificates

by Lifelong Learning Staff


“Graduates of the Spirituality certificate program can be a wonderful resource to support pastors and congregations in spiritual leadership,” says Program Director Tom Lewis. “They have the skills to lead Bible studies and prayer retreats, teach spiritual formation, lead contemplative retreats, and teach the spiritual classics and spiritual disciplines. And, they are a resource to help in the renewal of the church.”
Nine students recently received the Certificate in Spiritual Formation from the Center for Lifelong Learning’s Spirituality Program:
Suzanne Ellington Burke (July 2010)
Ellen Forbes (July 2010)
Mary Ann Hickman (October 2010)
John Marshall Jenkins (October 2010)
Douglas McLeroy (February 2010)
Daphne Reiley (September 2010)
James F. Tyrrell (July 2010)
LaRhonda Whitmire (February 2010)
Gloria Wilson (November 2010)
 “Each participant travels a long and challenging journey to graduation,” Lewis says. “They begin with an introductory Immersion Experience, then take six elective courses, a practicum that demonstrates their spiritual leadership, and a two-week pilgrimage.”
By the time a person has finished this three- to five-year year program, he or she will have invested, on average, up to $10,000; read about 3,000 pages of the best of the spiritual classics; written 114 pages of reflection, and spent 59 nights away from home and a month of days in the classroom.
“Participants are challenged to grow in their personal spirituality within community and are taught ways to assist the church in its spiritual growth.”
Questions about the Certificate in Spiritual Formation? Contact Tom Lewis 404-687-4592 or Deedra Rich 404-687-4557