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God's call to discipleship is big, broad, and deep

by Steve Hayner, president of Columbia Theological Seminary

Steve Hayner speaks with Guthrie Scholars

The Mission of Columbia Seminary states in part that we are a “community of theological inquiry and formation for ministry in the service of the church of Jesus Christ.”

Most of us here at Columbia are Presbyterians. Many of us are in degree programs. Some of us even work here. But God’s call is a lot bigger, broader and deeper than that.

Our purpose is that wherever God’s people are serving – and whatever ministries they are called to engage – we can contribute in some faithful way to their development as Christ-followers.

Such growth takes a lifetime. We are designed by our Creator to keep learning and growing. That’s why “Lifelong Learning” is such an integral part of what we do here.

When I have taught our graduating seniors, I have often said to them, “You are probably somewhere in the middle of your formation as ‘disciples.’ You began the journey before you were even baptized – and God will graciously keep forming you the rest of your life.

“Your one call is to be attentive to what God wants to do in you. A degree is not the end. It is merely a milestone along the way.”

So we are “Journeying Together!” I trust that you will consider how the Columbia community will continue to fit into God’s learning plan for you!

I can assure you that Columbia is contributing to my personal “formation for ministry” every day in my new role. Let’s do this together!