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Location, location, location! PLACE matters in lifelong learning

by Lifelong Learning Staff

The Cloister, Vernon S. Broyles, Jr. Leadership Center

Where we learn – classroom, outdoors, foreign country, electronic media – makes a difference in how well we learn.
  As educator/theologian Parker Palmer puts it, “To teach is to create a space in which the community of truth is practiced.”* 
  Good teachers have long known and scholars now affirm that learning – deep, meaningful learning – occurs when students, teachers, and the subject content are brought into relationship. 
  They also know that the place in which these relationships are nurtured matters.
Noting the disconnectedness in much of today’s education, Palmer challenges us to recover the importance of place and the sense of community needed for good teaching and learning.
  Several stories in this issue of Journeying Together feature how Columbia Seminary practices what Palmer teaches, by offering programs in a diversity of PLACES – real and virtual.
  *Parker Palmer in To Know As We Are Known: Education as Spiritual Journey