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God, Human Suffering and the Minister: "Deliver Us from Evil"

by Lifelong Learning Staff

Charles G. Adams; photo courtesy Harvard Divinity School

Ministers face jarring questions every day: “If God is loving, why do so many unloving things happen in life?” “What do I do with the pain caused by incurable disease, violence, injustice in the sharing of resources?” “Why is there so much evil in the world?” 

To remain creatively engaged in life and ministry in the midst of such questions is daunting.

Come learn ways to face evil – and be delivered from it – during Lifelong Learning’s Fall 2011 Center for Preaching seminar, with renowned teacher and preacher Charles G. Adams, Thursday evening, November 17, through Saturday morning, November 19.

Adams is pastor at Hartford Memorial Baptist Church in Detroit and is Professor of the Practice of Ethics and Ministry at Harvard Divinity School.

The event opens Thursday evening with Mark Douglas, CTS associate professor of Christian Ethics. Adams lectures Friday morning. 

y afternoon, participate in the following discussion groups, facilitated by CTS faculty and experienced church professionals: 

* Deliver us from the evil of public cowardice when injustice is evident.  
* Deliver us from the evil of polarization in our nation and churches.
* Deliver us from the evil of a haphazard personal discipline for spiritual growth.
* Deliver us from the evil of domestic violence.

* Deliver us from the evil of neglecting our own families and personal enrichment (fun).

Adams leads worship Friday afternoon at 4:00. 
Saturday morning, George Stroup, CTS Professor of Theology will lecture. 
Joseph L. Roberts, Jr., Professor of Preaching and the Director of the Center for Preaching, will provide closing remarks and lead closing worship.
The $165 program fee includes lunch on Friday and a light continental breakfast Saturday. To register, click here.  Or, call Lifelong Learning at 404-687-4587.
The CTS Center for Preaching is committed to serving Jesus Christ by providing preachers and their congregations with resources to engage faithfully critical issues facing the contemporary church and the broader society it serves.