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Camp & Conference Ministry Certification Offered

by Lifelong Learning Staff

Planning camp & conference ministry certification

The first course in a certification program for camp and conference leaders will be offered October 20-23, 2011, at Mo-Ranch in Hunt, TX.

Columbia Theological Seminary and the Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association (PCCCA) have developed this new certification program.

“There was a gap between the available training and the needs of our members,” says Joel Winchip, PCCCA Executive Director. “In partnership with the seminary, we’ve developed an eight-part curriculum that can be completed in two years.” 

The first course, aptly titled, “The Genesis Event,” will be offered prior to the PCCCA Annual Conference at Mo-Ranch, October 20-23. The instructors are Betty Angelini, Peter Surgenor, and Paul Humphreys, seasoned members of the Association.

The next two classes will be taught on the CTS campus, March 12-16, 2012: “Biblical and Reformed Theological Foundations,” with Professor of Old Testament Bill Brown and Associate Professor of Theology Martha Moore Keish; and “Program Design and Implementation,” with Professor of Christian Education Kathy Dawson and Winchip.

The remaining courses in the series will be offered at Columbia Seminary and as pre-events at the PCCCA Annual Conference (October or November of each year).

The site administration course – an independent study – will be carried out under the supervision of an appointed guide.

An adjunct faculty member at CTS, Winchip teaches an introductory course on camp and conference ministry during January term. Others involved in planning the certificate program: CTS Associate Professor of Christian Education Kathy Dawson, former Director of the Spirituality Program Tom Lewis, and Director of Lifelong Learning Sarah Erickson.

For details and to register for the October 20-23, 2011 course, click here.

Course registration for the March 2012 courses will be available online on the CTS website and linked to the PCCCA websites by the end of October.

For more information about the PCCCA – including the Fall 2011 Conference and “Genesis Event” – visit