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Experience New Ways of Praying at Montreat Course

by Lifelong Learning Staff

 When you hear the words, “Let us pray,” what images, words, or body postures come to mind?

 Eyes closed, head bowed, hands clasped together? Face and arms lifted toward  the sky?

Kneeling?  Standing? Praise, confession, thanksgiving, intercession?

“Prayer takes infinite forms and shapes of expression, as we personally relate and respond to God,” says Deedra Rich, interim associate director of spirituality. “Essentially, prayer deeply and intimately connects us with God, who loves us and is seeking a relationship with us.  

“Just as each person has unique gifts and traits, so will their prayer life.”

 This spring, join Spiritual Director, Minister, and Retreat Leader Roberta Martin for a new class “Living Prayer: Experiencing Prayer in Many Forms” at Montreat Conference Center, April 26-19.

This experiential prayer class will explore a variety of ways to engage actively with God in prayer through art, journaling, body movement, scripture, music and silence.

“Experiencing new ways of praying has the great potential for experiencing God in new ways,” Rich says. “When exploring new ways of praying you want to ask your spirit within, ‘How am I yearning to spend time with God?’ and ‘What might this look like?’”

Perhaps you find it hard to sit still and pray. Learn what it might be like to include movement in your prayer – taking a walk in nature using the breath prayer or connecting with God by walking the labyrinth. 

Maybe you find great joy in art and music. Learn what it might be like to “pray in color” with paints, crayons, sketching, mosaics, etc. Or, what it would be like to compose or listen to music as a prayer with God.

Class participants may receive credit towards the Certificate in Spiritual Formation, upon completion of pre- and post-class assignments.

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