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Learn Sacred Listening: Group Spiritual Direction

by Lifelong Learning Staff

 Learn what is powerful and healing about “sacred listening” – and experience how being together in this way can transform communities – during the course, “Sacred Listening: Group Spiritual Direction,” March 11 –14 at Montreat Conference Center.

“This course can benefit spiritual directors, pastors, lay leaders and all those who want to cultivate sacred listening as a way of nurturing peace and unity,” says Deedra Rich, interim associate director of spirituality. 

“We welcome diversity of background, color, age and religion, as this process nurtures deep respect and love for the differences of the human family.”

“Together we will explore the assumptions and process of group spiritual direction, with special attention to the contemplative grounding which undergirds sacred listening. 

"When practiced in group spiritual direction, sacred listening is a unique and powerful way of tending to the Spirit of God in our daily lives. Gathered in circles of five or six, we listen for the deep stirrings of the Spirit, who is alive within, among, and around us in ever-surprising and transforming ways.”

Presentations by co-leaders Lalor Cadley, Ann Kline, and Patience Robbins will address the following themes: listening, discernment, intercessory prayer, contemplative presence, and spiritual community –  as well as practical tools for forming and facilitating sacred listening circles in local areas.

This model of group spiritual direction is based on the book: Group Spiritual Direction by Rose Mary Dougherty.  

There will also be time for reflection and enjoying the beautiful rural setting.

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