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November 2013

Inhabiting Eden: Christians, the Bible, and the Ecological Crisis

The speeches of God in Job imagine nature as a wild place, barely understandable to people, yet adored by God, filled with creatures beyond human control, beyond human dominion, beyond human usefulness, admired by God for their beauty and magnificence.

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Technology, Evangelism, and Relationships: A Thompson Scholar Reflects.

One thing I appreciate about the Thompson Scholar program, and particularly about some of the reading we did, is that it encourages us to start where we are—for me this means start with my presence on Facebook and Twitter, and also to begin thinking theologically and pastorally about how we use technology.

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Presbytery Partnerships Provide New School, Old School, Learning Opportunities

Two groups of pastors, two learning events, one location. Thanks to web-enhanced and traditional learning events, the Center for Lifelong Learning is able to respond to the changing needs of our constituents: clergy, educators, and other church leaders.

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The Center for Lifelong Learning at CTS Welcomes Two New Staff Members

New course offerings, certificate programs, students and even a new Associate Dean mean new staff needs for the Center for Lifelong Learning. So naturally, we filled two positions in October!

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Certificate in Spiritual Direction to begin in 2015

People enter into spiritual direction for different reasons. Sometimes, they seek to revive their flagging spirit, to seek new direction for their lives, to heal from distorted images of God, to live through times of pain and suffering, to connect more intimately with the Divine, or simply to have someone with whom to share the joys and struggles of faith.

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