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December 2013

Carl McColman on Contemplation: A Revolutionary Spiritual Practice

In the silence of “being still and knowing God,” contemplation hones our awareness of the chaos within and of the profound serenity and love that hides in the silence deep within us.

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Creating a Scaffold for Lifelong Discipleship

Handing down what was handed down to us is how the stories of Jesus and our forbearers in faith become real.  Showing, and telling, what it means to serve as a disciple in God’s changing world is a core task of ministry.

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Discover Evelyn Underhill: Foremother of Contemporary Spirituality

Underhill was a prodigious writer, a pioneer of the retreat movement, a spiritual director, and a pacifist, but her significance rests ultimately on the fact that she gave her life in the service of a particular subject—the universal human experience of and response to that which we call God.

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Spirituality Program Updates

Compass Points Program Celebrates First Group of Graduates