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April 2014

Small Churches: Adventures in Vitality

Smaller congregations are the norm across the religious landscape of the United States – and it doesn’t mean they are in a state of decline.

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Center for Lifelong Learning Rolls Out Online Courses

Web-enhanced coursework makes learning what one needs or desires more accessible. And the online environment closes the “distance” gap for instructors and learners.

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Horizons Bible Study New for 2014

Revisiting the struggles Paul faced and the authenticity and integrity of his theology is an essential task for the churches today.

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Exploring the Rhythm of the Spiritual Life

As I began to explore how peeling carrots, doing laundry, and mowing the lawn can be an act of prayer I discovered the brothers and sisters at the Benedictine monasteries.

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Notes from the Journey

Today, I felt awe in the things I could see, touch, and experience – a rocking boat on an uncertain sea, cold wet feet on rough stones, an ancient boat, and a story that came alive for me.

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