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June 2014

Comings and Goings …

Deedra Rich, Associate Director of Spirituality passes the torch to Debra Weir the incoming Associate Director of Spirituality.

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Money and Your Ministry: New Online Learning Opportunity

Until congregational leaders resolve their personal issues about money, no amount of fiduciary expertise will have lasting impact on the church’s issues about stewardship.

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Exodus: Freedom & Formation Offered by Certificate in Spiritual Formation

So potent was the Exodus for God’s people that later prophets and poets time and again evoked its power and imagery to encourage and remind Israel that they were once slaves in Egypt, that God saw their brutal oppression, and that God came down to set them free so that they might worship and find new life.

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Eternity's Courtroom

The Guthrie Scholars Learning Cohort at Columbia Theological Seminary was a godsend. It allowed me to rediscover the importance of honoring the Sabbath, spending time in conversation with the Lord, investing in my marriage, and generally, and unapologetically, having “a life” outside of my designation as “Reverend.”

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Thompson Scholars: Screenshare Reflections

I was concerned about my ability to fully participate in the class, in part because I am a person of words and the Word; one who still reads printed books, writes on legal pads, and who labors weekly to bring the Good News to God’s people.

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