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Making Changes

It is important that you notify the seminary regarding changes to information that was gathered when you arrived. Below is a list of such changes and the office that needs notification.

Address Change - If you move off campus or want to change your address for period of time (i.e. for your summer supervised ministry), please notify the registrar, unless it is just for a summer or semester. It the latter is the case, please notify the mail room. You will also need to fill out a new directory information to have the change published in the next directory edition.

Phone number Change – If your phone number changes, please notify the registrar.

Vehicle registration Change – If you need to register a new car on campus, please notify the Office of Student Services and remember to pick up a new parking sticker.

Denomination Change - If you change denominations or change presbyteries, please notify the registrar.

Inquirer/Candidate Change – As you progress through the PCUSA ordination process, please note a change in your ecclesiastical status with the Office of Student Services.

Health insurance Coverage Change – All students must carry current health insurance. If you have made changes in the company or policy that you have previous listed, please contact the Office of Student Services.

Name Change – If your name has changed since admission you must contact the registrar. Please note that the name in our records must match the name on your social security card. We cannot change names in our educational records unless a prior change has been made with social security.