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Discerning Forgiveness

Certificate in Spiritual Formation

Lifelong Learning / Alumni & Alumnae / Pastors & Community


Date: 10/24/2013

The Christian faith is indelibly and distinctively marked by the imperative both to receive and to offer forgiveness. But Christian voices on the subject differ widely. Some urge forgiveness as a Christian duty under all circumstances, while others argue that certain prior conditions must be met for forgiveness to be meaningful or effective. Some believe forgiveness is the surest route to healing for the offended, while others hold that therapeutic value cannot be the essence of Christian forgiveness. How do we sort through the competing claims and varied interpretations? What is the core nature and role of this powerful divine gift we are called to participate in? Our class will help us attend to several voices in this debate, discern some of the complexities of timing and circumstance, claim a stance with scriptural and theological integrity, and engage in key practices to help us learn the "craft" of forgiveness. Details and Registration.

Instructor: Marjorie Thompson

Location: Montreat Conference Center