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Baptism and Beyond: Scaffolding a Life of Discipleship

Lifelong Learning / Alumni & Alumnae / Pastors & Community


Date: 4/23/2014

How does one guide children, youth, and young adults in being followers of the living Christ in the world rather than simply handing them information about Jesus? How do we nurture all ages to live out their baptismal vows in their daily lives in ways that are counter-cultural to a life of consumption and self-fulfillment? This event looks at ways that we can act as a scaffold for age-appropriate engagement with mission in the church and world. Special attention will be given to the elementary school ages of six-twelve, but there will also be times of engaging with how these methods of discipleship may then lead to continued progression in the youth and young adult years. 

Instructors: Anne H.K. Apple and Kathy Dawson

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