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Pastoral Leadership for Creating Healthier Churches

Flint River Presbytery Partnership

Lifelong Learning / Alumni & Alumnae / Pastors & Community


Date: 9/26/2013

The healthy church movement has become popular with clergy and church leaders because it offers a way to understand the sometimes complicated emotional forces that affect congregational life and that can confound their efforts to guide, lead, and minister. These forces can interfere with the mission of the church and derail it from fulfilling its own goals and plans. This course will explore the nature of those emotional forces within congregations and offer specific suggestions for how clergy can function more effectively within them.

This course is designed to provide ample opportunities for learning, reflection and application.  Pre-course reading and preparation and active participation in lectures and case study work groups will maximize the learning experience for participants in this course, specifically designed for congregational clergy within the Flint River Presbytery.

Instructor: Ronald W. Richardson