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Bibleworks training at CTS

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Date: 1/22/2014

Jim Barr of BibleWorks will be on our campus next Wednesday, January 22, and will conduct a FREE BibleWorks Training Demonstration from 3-4:30PM in BLC101. For more information, see below. Everyone is welcome, and please share the invitation with others you know in the area who may be interested. 

PRESENTER: Jim Barr, BibleWorks Seminary Relations Director


    You'll get HANDS ON practical help

    Discover BASIC PRINCIPLES of the powerful search engine

    Master the simplicity of morpholigcal analysis (Greek or Hebrew!)

    Understand how tools and resources integrate with Biblical texts

    Quickly access lexicons, dictionaries and grammars

    Learn many "shortcuts" and quick keys to speed up research

    Explore maps, vocabulary flashcards, synoptics & diagramming tools

    Investigate early Greek manuscripts for variants in the texts

    Much more -- as much as time allows!

TO REGISTER: Send an email to Give name, email address and phone #

Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop with BibleWorks installed, but it is not necessary. If you bring a laptop, please make sure to apply the latest free updates to your installation of BibleWorks. Go to for instructions on how to update BibleWorks.

****Please DO BRING your questions and Jim will try to respond as time allows.

QUESTIONs about this seminar -- CALL 757-627-7014