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Date: 7/28/2014

To the CTS community:

In order to better serve you with your research and information needs, the library catalog will be undergoing a major upgrade on August 4 and 5.   We do not anticipate any problems with the Calvin catalog or circulation during  that time.  However we wanted you to be aware in case of any hiccups that normally occur with upgrades.

The purpose of this upgrade is to allow non-Roman languages to be displayed correctly in the catalog.  Currently, library staff Romanize all non Roman languages which makes it difficult for both staff and you, our customers.  After the upgrade, new non-Roman materials especially Korean language materials can be added with the Korean fonts displaying correctly.  With the increasing number of international students and international materials, this update is crucial to help everyone find needed resources quickly.

This upgrade is made possible due to generosity of the Columbia Cabinet using capital expenses.  If you get a chance, please thank them for investing in this upgrade and making the library more effective to serve our community. Thank you!

The Library Staff