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New Book Release: Before God, by George W. Stroup


Decatur, GA.— Before God by George W. Stroup has been released by Eerdman’s Publishing Company. Stroup is the J. B. Green Professor of Theology at Columbia Theological Seminary. Stroup’s thesis in this new book is that a significant shift has occurred in how both Christians in local congregations and “professional“ theologians understand Christian faith. He says, “A basic presupposition of Christian life in the Bible and in much of the Christian tradition is that faith and life are lived before God, coram Deo. However, in modernity that sense of life lived before God seems to have been eclipsed. As a consequence, basic realities such as sin, God's grace, and gratitude have become confused and distorted.” “This is not a book about God,” Stroup explains. “This book is about life before God, what kind of life that is, and what happens when Christian life becomes indistinguishable from other forms of life in our increasingly pluralistic, religiously diverse, multi-cultural post-Christian society. ” Columbia is one of 10 theological institutions of the Presbyterian Church (USA). 

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