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Discover Hope in Course on Revelation, August 16-18


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Decatur, GA. Explore the hope offered in the Book of Revelation, during a women’s Bible study training course called, Journeys through Revelation: Apocalyptic Hope for Today, August 16-18, 2010, on the Columbia Seminary campus in Decatur, GA.

“We tend to shy away from the Book of Revelation, confused by its images and many interpretations,” says Linda Morningstar, associate director in the CTS Center for Lifelong Learning. “What comes to mind for us are four horsemen, come to unleash destruction. Mysterious numbers, such as 666. The end-time battle of Armageddon. Such visions can leave us so intimidated, we leave this amazing book unread and unexplored.”

New Testament scholar Barbara Rossing, author of this study, presents Revelation as a book of hope-filled vision. Although brimming with mysterious symbolism, Revelation is a book of hope that throughout history has sustained people who are oppressed. It is a Christ-centered book, brimming with worship and praise.

“In Revelation, we can discover more about God and God’s great love for the whole world – especially when encountered during challenging and difficult times,” Morningstar says. “This book speaks to us in the midst of the urgent crises of our day and can help guide the choices we make, as we seek to live into God’s renewal for the world.”

In the study, published by Horizons, Barbara Rossing guides readers on a journey to meet the crucified Lamb, Jesus. The journey is reminiscent of the ancient Israelites’ exodus from slavery, leading from an unjust empire and its system of domination, through mythic battles and plagues, until ultimate arrival in a renewed creation where God comes to live with humankind on earth.

The instructor for the CTS course is Louise Lawson Johnson, an ordained Presbyterian pastor who has written the “Suggestions for Leaders” published in this study guide.

Participants will make personal connections with the themes and receive practical ideas for teaching this series. Designed for women who will be teaching this study, this workshop is open to anyone interested in this topic.

Deadline to register is August 2. Pay full fee or a non-refundable $25 deposit (to be applied to program fee).

NOTE: This workshop is the only PW Bible Study leader training course offered this summer by Columbia Seminary – so sign up soon!

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