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Reminders and Deadlines

Application Reminders

Academic Scholarship applications for prospective basic degree students must be submitted no later than March 15th each year. A completed admissions application must also be on file to be considered.

Application Deadlines

Basic Degrees

Summer Term

March 1st Preferred; May 15th Final

Fall Semester

March 1st Preferred; July 1st Final

Spring Semester

December 1st


Advanced Degrees

Master of Theology

January 15th Final

Doctor of Ministry

May 1st – Gospel, Culture & Transformation


July 1st – Church and Ministry


August 1st – Christian Spirituality

Doctor of Educational Ministry

Applications received September 1 – April 15th

Doctor of Theology

January 15th


Registrar Deadlines and Important Dates

Senior Ordination Exams                                                                   

January 31- February 1

Spring classes begin                                                                           

February 3

Bible Content Exam                                                                           

February 7

Last day to add a course                                                                    

February 7

Last day to drop a course without tuition penalty                             

February 7

Drop period with 80% tuition refund                                                 

February 8-14

Drop period with 50% tuition refund                                                 

February 15-21

Drop period with 25% tuition refund                                                 

February 22-28

Last day to drop a course with tuition penalty                                  

February 28

Summer Course Registration (Online) for DMin & DEdMin             

March 3 - April 4

Assessment & Midterm Week                                                           

March 17-21

Spring Break – no classes                                                                  

April 7-11



Fall Course Registration (Online) for Advanced


Degree Students (DMin, DEdMin, ThD, ThM)                                               

Summer & Fall Course Registration (Online) for

Basic Degree Students (MDiv, MDiv/MAPT, MA{TS}, MAPT)

with registration in the following order of categories

based on number of credits to be completed by start of FA-14

*Basic degree rising seniors (MDiv & MDiv/MAPT = 66 credits,

April 21 - Sept. 3

MA(TS) = 24 credits, MAPT = 27 credits)                              

April 21-23

*MDiv & MDiv/MAPT rising middlers = 27 credits                          

April 24-28

*MDiv under 27 cr., MA(TS) under 24 cr. or MAPT under 27 cr.     

April 29-May 2

Special students & auditors register through the Registrar 

May 5-May 9



Deadline for submissions for awards, prizes, & fellowships             

April 17

Senior/graduating student classes end                                             

May 7

Senior/graduating student Exams                                                     

May 8 & 9

Classes end                                                                                        

May 9

Senior/graduating student grades due by noon                                

May 12

Assessment & Finals Week                                                                

May 12-16

Last day for extension request approval for Spring Term work       

May 15


May 16

Commencement Rehearsal                                                               

May 16


May 17

All Spring Term extended work due                                                  

May 27

All Spring Term grades due                                                               

May 30