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Stock and Securities Transfer Information

Many friends of Columbia make gifts in the form of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds that have increased in value. A gift of appreciated securities is deductible at full market value and avoids capital gains taxes that would otherwise be due if you sold those securities yourself. While the gift of appreciated assets often involves stock, other marketable assets - such as life insurance, land, antiques, and homes - can be utilized as potential gifts with the possibility of valuable tax benefits.

Instructions for transferring securities to Columbia vary depending on whether physical delivery of stock is being made or the security is being sent electronically through DTC (shares are currently held at a bank, brokerage house, etc.) The following are instructions for both:


If the stock is held in a brokerage account:

Step 1. Instruct your broker or custodian bank to transfer the stock to

Participant #2039
FFC SunTrust Bank a/c 11188
Account Number 1116609 (must be included)
Tax ID 58-0566165
Donor Name:

Step 2. Please have your bank/broker contact Beverly Glenn at 404-724-3556, when these transfers have been initiated. Taking this step will prevent the transfers from being returned “DK” or Delayed.

Step 3. Notify Columbia of your gift. Either mail or fax a copy of your letter of transfer instruction to:

Gift Box 325
Institutional Advancement
Columbia Theological Seminary
PO Box 520
Decatur, GA 30031-0520
Fax: 404-687-4532

  • If you physically hold the shares:

Step 1. Fill out stock power form(s). Your stock power must include a guaranteed signature. You need to fill out a separate stock power for each stock issue you wish to donate.

Step 2. Write a brief cover letter indicating the number and type of shares, the company(ies), and the purpose of your stock gift. This will expedite our acknowledgment process.

Step 3. Mail the certificate(s) without any endorsement or assignment along with your letter (see Step 2) to

Gift Box 325
Institutional Advancement
Columbia Theological Seminary
PO Box 520
Decatur, GA 30031-0520

Step 4. For security reasons, mail the stock power form(s) you filled out in Step 1 to the same address in a separate envelope from the stock certificate(s).


If you wish to make a cash balance wire transfer:

Step 1. Transfer to:

Suntrust Banks, Inc.
ABA 061000104
A/C 9088000415
Attn: Gift Clearing
For further Credit to: Account Number 1116609 & Columbia Theological Seminary/Gift Clearing
Donor Name: 

Step 2. Please have your bank/broker contact Beverly Glenn at 404-724-3556, when this transfer has been initiated. This will prevent the transfer from being returned "DK" or Delayed. If neither contact is available, follow voicemail instructions for the backup person. If you hold non-DTC eligible assets, checks, mutual funds, limited partnerships, bearer bonds or fed book entry assets: Please contact Marty Sadler, vice president for business and finance, at 404-687-4512.


For questions about any of these processes:

Diane Thorne
Gift Records Coordinator